What Every Green Belt Six Sigma Needs to Know

So are you a new Green Belt Six Sigma? Congratulations! You're in for an exciting professional ride! Let's kick it off with some things you may have missed in your Green Belt Six Sigma training, but something you should definitely know.

Remember: Putting off your Six Sigma Green Belt project until tomorrow will leave you a lot of work to accomplish the day before your tollgate review. Just because your project needs resuscitation and is critical to you does not automatically make it a priority for your Black Belt. Plan ahead and stay in control of your project plan.

Furthermore, managing by data is always defensible. "Gut instinct" will not be valued in the business much longer. Green Belt Six Sigma projects help employees "see the light." This is your mission in any Green Belt Six Sigma project.

As a new Green Belt Six Sigma, if you haven't dealt with finances much in the past, your Green Belt project is an opportunity to learn basic equations, quantify project benefits, and speak the language of management.

As a new Green Belt Six Sigma, don't worry if you're unsure which tool to use. Green Belt Six Sigma shouldn't necessarily know how to use every tool available. They should, however, know of the existence of tools and be able to ask Black Belts for help.

Your first project as a Green Belt Six Sigma may be extremely challenging – and that's okay. This is your time and place to learn as a Green Belt Six Sigma – embrace it, enjoy it, and you may become a Black Belt in just a few years.

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