Why you should support independent bookstores

Independent bookstore serves the community and the individual. Their contributions to society can’t be overlooked and are invaluable. Independent bookstores can’t be replicated online they have their special value which makes them special.

Independent bookstores offer a depth of experience and healthy bookstores can offer community outreach programs and events to promote literacy and celebrate the word of the written word. One of the independent bookstores you might want to support or patronize is Bookis. However, you should first read what other Norwegians are saying about the bookstore on Norske-Anmeldelser before you support them.

Offering your support by choosing to shop at local independent bookstores means that jobs and taxes remain in your community. Shopping locally or patronizing your community local stores is one of the easiest and most impactful examples of conscious consumerism and a priceless way to support your community and build deep relationships. When you shop at an independent bookstore or business, your entire community benefits. Every purchase matters in independent bookstores because they often generate less than a million dollars a year. They rely on book lovers each day to patronize them.

Although it can be tempting to place an order online for your book and anticipate its delivery at your doorstep. However, local bookstores serve a special role in the community, and it is important not to forget that they are there for you.

Independent bookstore support core values of many things including

  1. Community
  2. Convening
  3. Civility
  4. Creativity
  5. Contact


When it comes to community, independent bookstores are usually fixtures in the communities that they serve, acting as everything from a safe space for kids after school, to an enjoyable extent. It also helps to strengthen the economic base of the local community. Not everybody enjoy reading on screens alongside the fact that reading on screens have more disadvantage to the eyes than physical books. Furthermore, a person would have to achieve a certain age before they can be trusted to handle electronic devices. Hence, such bookstores will continue to serve a wide range of people for a very long time.


The local bookstore offers a home to both the reader and authors. It is a welcoming place for everyone. People come together to feel comfortable and at ease. It is a place for great people to come together and exchange ideas.


When it comes to civility, Independent bookstores are typically known for treating their clients with respect and civility. In local bookstores, people feel humanized and known, unlike other environment where people feel lost and unseen.


When it comes to creativity, independent bookstores support people’s creativity. Book reading has helped to shape the minds of the most creative and innovative thinkers.  Many independent bookstores offer author events, book clubs, themed reading groups, lectures, and other beneficial activities to their reader and people as a whole.


Independent booksellers value their customers who read and they also form good inter-personal relationships with their readers. They seek to enhance the direct customer experience through personalized and specialized services.  Booksellers know majority of their regular customers and knowing the customers and supporting their interests helps to ensure customer retention.